The role of the parent/guardian is equally needed and important in the growing years of the child.  Their cooperation will help in moulding the child’s character and future.  This relationship between parents and school begins the moment the child steps into the school.  There are various ways to strengthen this relationship:

  • Ensuring that the child comes to school regularly.
  • Encourage the child to read for enjoyment.
  • Communication through detailed circulars, school diary and website will help parents and school to stay informed.
  • Parents are always welcome and invited to know the progress of their child but with a prior appointment with the Principal, vice-principal, co-coordinators, teachers and staff.

For any concern regarding the


Sr No

Name E Mail ID
1 Chairman
2 Academic Director
3 Principal
4 Pre-primary section

pre-primary coordinator
5 Classes I,II,III & IV – primary coordinator
6 Classes V,VI,VII,VIII – middle school coordinator
7 Classes IX, X, XI and XII – secondary coordinator
8 Sports coordiantor
9 Music coordinator
10 Public relations incharge