Staff Development

Learning at SNV is an ongoing process not only for students but for teachers and staff as well.

Teaching staff at SNV under go regular training in order to further hone their skills and abilities and to be kept up to date with best practices in the field of education and classroom management. The workshops and trainings range from those involving development of soft skills, classroom skills and  academic skills which take place throughout the year.

Training sessions are earmarked for the teachers in the calendar.

Staff undergoes training as well to upgrade their performance in administration.


Openings & Opportunities

SNV  offers opportunities to build a valuable and rewarding career. At SNV, your talents are honed, your achievements are recognized, and your every contribution is valued.

We are constantly on the lookout for bright, ambitious team players who believe in the same values as us. If you are interested send in your detailed resume at the following address-:


SNV International School
SNV Campus, Nadiad-Uttarsanda-Bhumel Road,
Nadiad-387001. Gujarat INDIA

Phone : (91) 97234 51645, 72289 71669

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