✔ Come to school on time, well groomed – in proper uniform and polished shoes.
✔ Be regular in attendance.
✔ Bring the school diary every day.
✔ Speak in English within the school premises and during travel.
✔ Keep the classrooms and school premises clean and tidy.
✔ Close the taps after use in the drinking area and washrooms.
✔ Switch off the fans and lights after use.
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✔ Complete your work on time and respect the deadlines given.
✔ Be fair and honest at work.
✔ Respect your parents, teachers, elders, friends and classmates.



✘ Do not be irregular to school.
✘ Do not use abusive language.
✘ Do not get involved in physical fights and bullying.
✘ Do not damage school property.
✘ Do not bring any gadgets like mobile, I pods, tablets, etc to school.  They are strictly prohibited in the school campus.
✘ Do not wear expensive and gold jewellery to school.
✘ Do not bring more than Rs.50 to school.
✘ Do not bring more than one 10 gm chocolate to school for personal consumption.
✘ Do not bring chewing gums to school and chocolates in bulk to school.
✘ Do not drive in personal vehicles to school at any point of time.
✘ Do not shout and disturb the class room at any point of time and in the premises.