Classes V to VIII fall in this category of secondary schooling.

  • In this section students have an in-depth study of the science subjects, social studies and English.
  • Children are exposed to laboratories, field trips, e-class learning, supervised and effective use of library.
  • Surprise tests are conducted from time to time.
  • Projects, activities, discussions are encouraged above the text books.
  • To support the learning better the concept of day boarding has been introduced at SNV.  Under this program:

i.        Learning is fortified in this time period by giving exclusive worksheets and a revision module is used to support students who have enrolled in this program.

ii.        Students are encouraged to clear their doubts, completing their written tasks and involve in self study methods also.

iii.        Regular subject teachers get to spend optimum time with the students in this time frame.

  • In this section the students are gradually groomed & trained to take up academics along with developing their personalities.
  • Across the school there are many festivals and events celebrated to encourage the intellectual, social and creative area of our students.