Que:Why so much importance to English speaking school?

Ans:Fluency in English will help student to perform better in other subject during school years, will help them compete better in board and entrance exams, and will help them in their job career.

Que:Why is CCA given so much importance at SNV?

Ans:The personality development of children with academic excellence and overall growth is the vital goal of SNV.

Que:Why ICSE as curriculum?

Ans:With state board curriculum students find it hard to compete nationally. With ICSE curriculum the students will be able to compete better at state level , national level and international level.

Que:What is this full day Boarder Concept?

Ans:Normally day boarding in school means lunch provided at school while at SNV the day boarder will stay extra for 5 1/2 hours to get extra academic coaching and lot of time for sport activity. The remaining time will be spent as quality time with family without worrying about academics.

Que:Why is the school air-conditioned?

Ans:An  Air-conditioned temprature will guarantee better performance from students and faculty likewise by providing uniform and comfortable temprature throughout their school year.