Sixteen years of learning and growing along with our children with the blessings of Shri Narayan Das Maharajshri. In these years we have spread our wings to unfold the best possible learning outcomes needed for our children.
The pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons. The biggest lesson is the way to deal with the uncertainties and there have been many similar situations faced in the education field as well. Our children are facing major concerns in relation to attention, retention, concentration in various degrees across the board and the parents are anxious about the same. As a school we are aware of the learning challenges that our children are facing for which we all need to work collectively and in collaboration.

We can achieve this magnificently as we believe in the overall development of the child in a stress free environment. Keeping in view the needs of our children we have initiated various programs for our students, parents and our teachers in the school. These programs have been incorporated to support and facilitate our children and to ensure that we are able to achieve the horizons of learning.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”–
Sydney J Harris.
Vipul Patel