We at SNV International School understand that a student needs a balance between a strong mind and a strong body for them to achieve excellence.

This is why our sports department has arguably the best sports infrastructure in the area along with a faculty of first class sports coaches who follow a professional approach to how we teach sport. We make sure our students understand the importance of Physical Education in the all round development of an individual.

SNV has facilities for any sport or activity that you can think of, including Swimming, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Athletics, Martial Arts, Badminton, plus many more. With an organised, professional sports program we provide students the opportunity to become outstanding sporting individuals, and a chance for them to learn about team spirit and develop human qualities such as self- discipline, respect and self control.

Even from 1st Std we begin to build a student’s strength and stamina through activities such as Athletics and Skating as well as teaching them a life skill with Swimming. Team spirit is taught in a more playful and fun approach at this tender age before they reach 3rd Std where they learn more technical skills in games such as Cricket, Football and Basketball and the importance of being part of a team.

Other activities such as Martial Arts, Badminton, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis and Volleyball are also available for student’s, to find a sport where they are most comfortable and can excel in over the next few years. In higher standards we offer Physical Education as a subject choice for their board exams with the ISCE curriculum offering an in-depth course. This naturally brings the best out of the students as they begin to understand sport and games at a much higher level. Their performance both in training and in competition improves enormously as the students understand why we need to stay disciplined and keep focused and why we need to keep fit, eat healthily and sustain a strong and supple body not just in sport but in everyday life.


Sports Co-Ordinator