The school learning program at SNV commences with a pre-primary program – SNV KIDS – that trains and prepares children for formal learning.

Each child has a unique potential and also learns differently.  At SNV Kids we believe in nurturing the child through theme based learning, experiential learning and regular interactions with children, students are also encouraged to question and understand.

SNV KIDS program is divided as: Nursery



Nursery: At the entry level we have the Nursery class where students get exposed to coming to school.  The children are given ample time to:

  • Get used to a discipline of coming to school.
  •  interacting with their peer group,
  • communicating,
  •  adjusting to a new environment other than home,
  • Understanding and following the teachers.

In short gearing up to the concept of schooling as it is the first step towards learning for most of the children.  Care is taken to ensure that there is no kind of pressure exerted on the child and to keep with our goal of learning without stress but with fun.  In this direction there is no formal writing introduced to students.  Instead children are introduced to various concepts of learning through: activities, role play, field trips, phonetics learning, fun and conversations

LKG: After having enough exposure to the routine of schooling students are taken to the next level of learning in Lower Kindergarten (LKG).

  • Students are introduced to formal writing of alphabets (upper and lower case) and numerical.
  • Sufficient practice is given to recognition and writing.
  • Students learn by doing so are exposed to experiential learning.
  • Made more familiar to their surroundings by involving them in various celebrations and events.
  • Two letter and three letter words are taught to students using the phonetics.

UKG: Children in this year are groomed and prepared to become independent as they transit to the very first formal learning i.e class I. The following is ensured for the students at SNV Kids:

  • Children are trained to express themselves very clearly and fearlessly.
  • Children are trained to become independent in handling their notebooks and other material.
  • Children get adequate exposure to deal and express their emotions in the right manner.
  • Independent reading and writing is encouraged.
  • Students continue to work in various worksheets and learn through various activities, celebrations, interactions, fieldtrips and conversations.
  • Transition classes are arranged to help the students sail to Class I in the most amicable manner.
  • Students improve their vocabulary through various phonetic games and activities.

There is no formal examination system for SNV Kids as we believe in nurturing them in the right manner and right direction.

In today’s world getting educated and educating has become more conscientious effort.  As rightly said by Swami Vivekananda:

“With proper guidance, a child educates itself.”